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At Salmon Electrical Contractors we take pride in the fact that our employees are dedicated and motivated. Our Sr. Staff understand what it takes to ensure that every job is completed accurately and that every client is truly satisfied. Our employees approach every project with the same high level of enthusiasm and commitment to superior workmanship and professional performance. We look forward to working with your next  project (of any size) to your complete satisfaction.

Salmon Electrical Contractors, Inc is a long-time leader in Utah construction projects. We provide electrical construction services surrounding the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Our services include a complete design-build and construction management team.

Salmon Electrical Contractors is owned by Chad Salmon and was incorporated in Utah on February 1, 1992. A Utah based Company for over 25 years, we provide service throughout the state and in surrounding areas. Our business has expanded to include two additional offices: North Las Vegas, Nevada and Hayden, Idaho with additional licensing in Arizona, California, Washington, & Wyoming.

We are operated and managed with 190+ full-time employees. Our experience is a result of over two decades of ownership and management in the electrical and construction fields. We promote skill, teamwork, and safety on all of our construction projects.

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